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Fussilat (Clearly Expounded)
Chapter 41: Verses 19-20

Unusual Witnesses
"On the day when God's enemies will be gathered together before the fire, they will be driven onwards until, when they reach it, their ears, their eyes and their very skins will bear witness against them, speaking of what they used to do [on earth]."

These verses tell the unbelievers of God's power over their own selves. They have no authority over themselves, and no part of them is beyond the reach of His power. Even their ears, eyes and skins obey God. They too disobey them so as to be witnesses against them on the Day of Judgement.

There is a great surprise in this very difficult situation in which the unbelievers see their own senses and faculties obeying God and doing as they are bid. In this situation they are branded as 'enemies of God'! They are herded together, from all generations, like a flock of sheep, and driven to the fire. When they stand close to it and the reckoning begins, they find themselves facing witnesses whom they did not reckon with. Their tongues, long used to lie, fabricate falsehood and engage in ridicule are now tied, while their ears, eyes and skins rebel against them obeying their Lord. They report on what they used to consider secret. They used to hide themselves, thinking that God would not see them conceal their intentions and crimes. But they did not try to hide themselves from their own ears, eyes or skins. How could they, when these faculties are part of them? Now, these publicize what the unbelievers thought to be concealed from all creatures and from God Almighty as well.

"In The Shade of the Quran" - Sayyid Qurb, Vol. 15, pp. 109-110