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Responsibility of the Audience

Communication requires at least two participants. Effective communication can take place only when all parties do their part correctly. In public speaking, the greatest burden rests on the speaker's shoulders to keep the audience interested and attentive. However, the audience also has the following responsibilities toward the speaker:

1. To be attentive and listen. If the audience is not listening then what is the point of speaking?

2. To be quiet. The Prophet Muhammad discouraged Muslims from talking during the sermon to the extent that he considered it a reason for nullifying the Jumuah prayer. Not even exchanging greetings is allowed.

3. Not to distract others. Do not distract others by walking over their heads, loudly reciting Quran, or making dua out loud.

4. To be neat. The Prophet told the Muslims to take a bath, dress well, and use perfume before going to the Jumuah.

Compiled From:
"Speaking for Change" - Wael Alkhairo, p. 21