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Giving and Depriving

Whatever you are given is from God's bounties and He is protecting you, even from yourself. So, do not look only at what you are deprived of and wish to get something that might cause you to do wrong.

Feeling joyful is not denounced in Islam. A believer feels happy for the bounties that God bestows on him. However, feeling miserable for what is missed is not the right response. If you feel happy for worldly gains, know that this life will come to an end. There is an Arabic statement: If what you have had lasted with the person before you, it would not have reached you!

Thus, if you have less to be happy with, then there will be less to be sad about. It is out of God's bounty that He gives you just enough so that you will not be sad for missing things you do not need. If you have enough food, drink, and providence, this is a perfect blessing from God and you should thank God for that. God has a perfect wisdom in giving and depriving; He wants the best for you, be satisfied with that.

Compiled From:
"A Journey to God: Reflections on the Hikam of Ibn Ataillah" - Jasser Auda