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Appropriate Response

One of the greatest summations of the saving virtues comes from a sage in the 13th century, Imam Abu Abbas al-Mursi. He summarized all of life’s possibilities in four scenarios:

1. You can be in a state of obedience to God

2. You can be in a state of disobedience to God

3. You can be in a state of ease

4. You can be in a state of adversity

Each of these situations is from God, and each necessitates an appropriate response - not of the body, but of the heart. The appropriate spiritual virtues to embody in response are:

1. If you are obedient to God, you must exhibit awareness of God’s favour upon you, having guided you to obey Him.

2. If you are disobedient to Him, you must remorsefully repent to Him for your transgressions.

3. If you are in a time of ease, you must sense deep gratitude to God for his gifts.

4. If you are challenged by adversity, you must endure God’s decree with patience.

To make use of this timeless wisdom requires a level of awareness and introspection regarding the states we are in. Too often we live our lives at so fast a pace that we do not reflect upon ourselves. With reflection and introspection, we will be more able to engender the appropriate virtuous response of heart.

Compiled From:
"Being Muslim: A Practical Guide" - Asad Tarsin, p. 107