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September 21, 2020 | Safar 3, 1442

Living The Quran

Beneficial and Logical
Al-Rum (The Romans) Sura 30: Verse 7

"They know but the outer surface of this world's life, but of the ultimate reality of the life to come, they are unaware."

This is the essential difference of "knowledge" between those who restrict it to sensory information and empiricism, and those who allow room for higher intellectual practices which may be represented in logic and art, as well as in philosophy and religion. Intuition is known to inspire supersensory art in various fields, and "creativity" is an essential requirement for a genuine artist. Even in science, relativity and potentiality have turned material existence into more than a thick and dry concretism. Human imagination, vision and abstract conceptualization have always inspired scientific progress.

Spirituality is an unmistaken character of the human nature and history, which has proved to be unignorable, indispensable and unsuppressible. Materialism failed to satisfy the human needs and aspirations of the individual and the society, and its productivity has been obviously hindered by the psychological and social limitations and defects. The belief in the One God and the eternal life to come secures balance and stability within the individual's own self and in the society as a whole, while selfishness and worldliness tear and swing him/her between the extremes of haughty success and desperate failure. Thus the belief is beneficial as well as logical.

Compiled From:
"Concepts of the Quran" - Fathi Osman, p. 272

From Issue: 1059 [Read original issue]

Understanding The Prophet's Life

Daily Obligation

One of the daily obligations which it is not permissible for a Muslim to either forget or neglect, is his obligation of service towards the society, assisting its individual members to accomplish their needs, and facilitating their affairs.

The Two Sheikhs have reported from Abu Musa, from the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) who said: "'Upon every Muslim there is (an obligation of) charity." The Companions said, "O Messenger of Allah! What then happens if he does not have the means?" He said, "He should do some (manual) work, so that he benefits himself and gives out (his surplus in) charity." They said, "What if he cannot work?" He said, "He should assist someone in dire need." They said, "And if he cannot?" He said, "Then let him command what is good." They said, "And if he cannot?" He said, "Then let him avoid evil, that indeed is charity."

This charity, or social levy, is an obligation each day upon every Muslim. Furthermore, it has been most reliably transmitted that this charitable duty is incumbent upon every single limb or organ of a Muslim each day. With such an injunction a Muslim turns out to be a spring from which flows goodness, welfare and peace to whoever and whatever is around him.

Compiled From:
"Time In The Life of a Muslim" - Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, p. 44

From Issue: 710 [Read original issue]


Drugs and Alcohol: 10 Reminders

  1. Know the law. All kinds of narcotic drugs and alcohol are forbidden by Islam. They are also illegal in most part of the world. Apart from the fact that you are accountable to Allah for what you do and could very well be punished in this life and the next for using drugs and alcohol, you could also face legal penalties according to the law: depending on where you are caught, you could face high fines and jail time.
  2. Be aware of the risks. Drinking or using drugs increases the risk of injury. Car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, and suicide are all linked to drug use.
  3. Keep your edge. Drug use can ruin your looks, make you depressed, and contribute to slipping grades.
  4. Play it safe. One incident of drug use could make you do something that you will regret for a lifetime.
  5. Do the smart thing. Using drugs puts your health, education, family ties, and social life at risk.
  6. Get with the program. Doing drugs isn't "in".
  7. Think twice about what you're advertising when you buy and wear T-shirts, hats, pins, or jewellery with a pot leaf, joint, blunt, beer can, or other drug paraphernalia on them. Do you want to promote something that can cause cancer? make you forget things? or make it difficult to drive a car?
  8. Face your problems. Using drugs won't help you escape your problems, it will only create more.
  9. Be a real friend. If you know someone with a drug problem, be part of the solution. Urge your friend to get help.
  10. Remember, you DON'T NEED drugs or alcohol. If you think "everybody's doing it," you're wrong! Over 86% of 12-17 year-olds have never tried marijuana; over 98% have never used cocaine; only about half a percent of them have ever used crack. Doing drugs won't make you happy or popular or help you to learn the skills you need as you grow up. In fact, doing drugs can cause you to fail at all of these things.

Compiled From:
"Tips for Teens on Drugs, alcohol, and your friends" - SoundVision.com

From Issue: 651 [Read original issue]