Regained Insight, Personal Interest, Taking Charge

Issue 600 » September 24, 2010 - Shawwal 15, 1431

Living The Quran

Regained Insight
Al-Naml (The Ants) Chapter 27: Verse 62

"Or, who is it that responds to the one in distress when he calls out to Him, and who removes the ill, and makes you inherit the earth? Could there be any deity alongside God? Little do they reflect!"

When a person finds himself in real distress, expecting little help from anywhere, he resorts to none other than God to remove his distress. This is especially so when the distress is too much to cope with; when the help one had been expecting from friends and relatives fails to materialize; when one looks around only to find oneself in a hopeless situation with no means of escape; when no power, not even one's own, is able to do much to relieve one's distress; when whatever one has prepared for hard times proves useless. In such a situation human nature wakes up and appeals to the only power that can provide help and support. It is only God, and none other, who responds to a person in distress and removes ill and hardship. It is God who restores security to such a person and removes all that has been afflicting him.

In times of ease and plenty people are oblivious of this fact. Yet when distress and hardship are too strong, their nature regains insight and they turn back to their Lord, seeking His forgiveness and support.

Compiled From:
"In the Shade of the Quran" - Sayyid Qutb, Vol. 13, pp. 167, 168

Understanding The Prophet's Life

Personal Interest

As part of sincere relations one should take a keen interest in the personal matters of one's brothers. One should enquire after their welfare and express a keen interest in them. This persuades them of one's sincerity and strengthens the bond of fraternity. While instructing his Companions, the Prophet (peace be upon him) told them:

"As you enter a social relationship, you should find out another's name and the names of his father and tribe. This will cement your relationship." [Tirmidhi]

Knowledge of another person's personal details promotes close relations. The above hadith both underscores and reinforces this rationale.

Compiled From:
"Inter Personal Relations" - Khurram Murad, p. 44


Taking Charge

Tazkiya (Purification of the Soul) is a highly personal process and it demands taking personal responsibility for carrying it forward. You can only see the results of Tazkiya through your own realization, your own personal efforts, and your own exertions. No one else can purify your heart or soul for you. No organization, no leader, and no teacher can replace your own responsibility.

This sense of personal responsibility is basic to the whole purpose and approach of Islam. Ultimately, we are judged individually for discharging our own responsibilities. Some people allow themselves to be dictated by others. The Quran states that the weak will say on the Day of Judgment that they were forced into following the dictates of others, but Allah will reply that the excuse is not legitimate because the decision to deviate from the Straight Path was their own. Even Shaytan (Satan) will not take the blame for trapping us into evil!

Taking charge of your own affairs may certainly seem a daunting task, but one which you will accomplish with distinction if you appreciate and take advantage of the human potential Allah has blessed you with.

Compiled From:
"In the Early Hours" - Khurram Murad