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Material and Spiritual
Al Qasas (The Narration) Sura 28: Verse 77 (partial)

"Seek the Last Abode amidst that which God has given you, and do not forget your portion of the present world"

At a time when some people lived in monasteries and others drowned in luxury, Prophet Muhammad came with the above Quranic instruction. All Prophets came to establish balance between the material and spiritual life, reason and soul, this world and the next, and indulgence and abstinence. While we should declare all that God has bestowed on us to show our gratitude and due praise for Him, we must not forget that we will have to account for every good we enjoy. The Prophet inculcated this principle so deeply in his Companions' hearts that it could be seen in every aspect of their lives. Most Companions lived a balanced life, despite the fact that they had every chance to live in comfort.

Compiled From:
"The Messenger of God: Muhammad" - Fethullah Gulen, p. 29