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Luqman (Luqman)
Chapter 31: Verse 17

Calling with Patience
"My dear son, establish prayer, enjoin what is right, forbid what is wrong, and be patient in what befalls you. That is the weightiest of tasks."

The prerequisite for calling to Allah is knowledge. This applies to calling non-Muslims to Islam, calling Muslims to strengthen their faith, and calling sinners away from their misdeeds. A caller must know what a Muslim believes and what is commanded of a Muslim and what is forbidden.

While engaged in the work of calling to Allah, other conditions must be present. These conditions are those of kindness, gentleness, and sensitivity towards those being addressed.

There is one condition that the caller must fulfill afterwards – patience. The caller must endure the abuses of others, their cold indifference, and their rejection. A caller must also bear patiently with those who respond positively and not expect too much at once.

We see all of these conditions fulfilled in the practical example of Luqman giving advice to his son in the above verse.

"Prerequisites & Conditions for Islamic Workers" - `Abd al-`Azīz b. `Abd Allah al-Rājihī