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"No one can die except by God's leave, at a term appointed. He who desires the reward of this world, We shall give him thereof; and to him who desires the reward of the life to come, We shall give thereof. We shall reward those who are grateful to Us."

[Al-Quran- Sura Ale Imran 3:45]


The truth:
Every human soul lives up to its appointed time. No one dies before his time. Neither fear, nor the desire to live longer can postpone anyone's appointed time. Courage and adventure, on the other hand, will not shorten one's life. 
Implication of this truth on a Believer:
As this idea sinks into the minds of the believers they simply do not think of death as they go about fulfilling their responsibilities and carrying out their religious duties. This is the reason why people, who believe in God, do not desire to prolong their time on earth or fear of what lies ahead. They simply rely on God with patience.
Two Choices:
1) to desire the reward of this world
2) to desire the reward of the life to come
The length of one's life on this earth is not affected by the choice one makes. He who makes this life his ultimate goal and seeks only its rewards, leads a life which is not greatly different from the life of animals. On the other hand, he who looks up to the wider horizon, leads the life of a true human being whom God has ennobled, to whom He has assigned the mission of building a happy human life on earth. Those who show their gratitude to God will certainly be richly rewarded by Him.
[Compiled from "In The Shade of The Quran" by Syed Qutb Shaheed, Vol. 2, pg. 236-237]
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This commitment doesn't have to be for a whole year. It can be for only three months if you like. The aim is simply to develop a specialization in a specific area of need and benefit to Muslims.
One of the best is the assault on Muslim civil rights in America. It's here, it's real, all of those involved in the issue are accessible, and you can see the results of your efforts more easily. But don't stop there. You can also
choose other areas of the world and issues that Muslims have ignored or given sparse attention to lately: Kashmir, Chechnya, the plight of Muslims in India, environmental issues and domestic violence are all some examples.
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[Taken from www.SoundVision.com]
Sweetness of Faith!
The Prophet (may Allah's blessings and peace be upon him) said:
"Whosoever is delighted (i.e. eager) that he should taste the sweetness of faith (Iman) let him love a man, not loving him except for the sake of Allah."
(Collected by Ahmad and al-Hakim)
[Lessons: It's interesting to find such a close connection between ENJOYING THE SWEETNESS OF IMAN (FAITH) and LOVING A PERSON FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH ONLY! And how often do we forget such a beautiful principle of Islam. So often we find New Muslims entering Islam and facing many difficulties in adjusting in the Muslim community, mainly because some of us can not sacrifice our time and efforts in explaining to them the fundamentals of Islam and welcoming them to our community. Some of us even adopt a racist attitude towards new Muslims, just because it takes them time to understand our "Muslim" culture or perhaps these new Muslims do not have the same level of Islamic 'knowledge' as we do. Similarly, even many Muslims face similar problems in our community. Where does our principle of loving for the sake of Allah, disappear when our brothers or sisters really need our help? Where is the effect of those weekly lectures on Brotherhood in Islam? In order to test ourselves whether we really do love someone only for the sake of Allah, let's ask ourselves this question: Have I ever given any major sacrifices for this person, for Allah's sake only (and not for our worldly benefits)? How many of us are really one of those who offer their shoulders for others to cry upon in their difficult times? This is true sweetness of Iman. These concise words of the Prophet (pbuh) would perhaps be enough to understand the powerful concept of Spirituality in Islam. It was this  spirit behind the revolutionary movement of Brotherhood, established by the first generation of sincere Muslims in Madina. ]
Reflections on Tazkiya and Self-Development
A Source of Righteous Conduct & Company
Following are the prerequisites of Tazkiya (Self-development):
2- Tazkiya- A source of Righteous Conduct & Company:
Tazkiya does not consist simply of fancy ideas, but of life, behavior, and conduct. The key to success, according to the Quran, lies in having true faith. To inculcate true faith you must start by acquiring a sound knowledge of Islam through a dedicated study of the Quran and Sunnah. You must then translate your knowledge into practice. For this to occur, you need to have firm resolve and determination. This, in turn, will produce Amal Salih or righteous conduct.
To aid you in your task, you must seek the company of those who are also striving to please Allah. They will encourage you towards righteousness and correct you when you deviate from the true Path. Your company also includes your mental and psychological company- the ideas you entertain, the ambitions you nurture, the sensitivities and sensibilities you develop and the books you read. All of these represent a form of company because they are your companions in solitude.
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[Taken from "In the Early Hours" by Ustadh Khurram Murad (Rahimahullah), edited by Riza Mohammed, http://www.youngmuslims.ca/bookreview/default.asp]
15 Points on the Wisdom of Prohibition of Alcohol
Following is a list of reasons and wisdom behind the prohibition of drinking alcohol in Islam:
1- Alcohol is considered to be an abomination, as the Prophet (pbuh) once said, "Alcoholic beverages are the mother of abomination and filth."
2- Alcohol is a part of Satan's handiwork. Allah says in Surah Al-Maidah (5:90), "O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, idols, and raffles are only a filthy work of Satan, turn aside from them so that you may prosper."
3- Drinking Alcohol generates enmity and hatred among people, as Allah continues in the above mentioned Sura, "Satan only wants to stir up enmity and jealousy among you by means of intoxicants and gambling......" (5:91)
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[Compiled from "The Adolescent Life" by Dr. Ahmad Sakr]